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EA Game -Cricket 2011

ICC Cricket World Cup (2011)-


Real player Names

Real Teams Kts

Real player Bats,gloves,pads,gaurds

Ipl 8 Teams with play Dlfa ipl tornaments

In this game player HD faces are reality

ipl latest update

stadium update

kit pack update

How to install:

this game is direct play on your computer

1.extract all cricket 2011 (first run this game after going on step 2)

2.double click on ipl rooster pack and select my documents/EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07

3.done & enjoy

System Requirements:

Operating system:2000/XP/Vista/7

Processor: 1.0GHz

Memory: 512 MB RAM

Hard Drive: 2 GB

Video Card: 128 MB

Sound Card:direct X 9.0c compatible

Direct X:9.0c

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Colorware jazzes up your new Xbox 360

No need for a fanciful new HDTV? Not even a new Segway? There's some colorful home entertainment gear for you yet. The famed gadget painting company just announced that Microsoft's shiny new Xbox 360 is the next to go under the gun, with near limitless color options waiting to be splashed onto each and every panel. If you managed to already pick one up, Colorware's charging $175 for the send-in option; if you're looking to buy new, that'll cost you at least five Benjamins. But hey, that's nothing for the satisfaction of owning a game console that's part orange, part lime green and part purple, right?


Top 5 Most Creative Xbox 360 Mods

Xbox 360 Mods at its Best Level

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Slim is coming sooner than later, according to the spy photos released earlier this year of its hardware components. So, it's only fitting that we count down the five most creative mods of this current generation. Continue reading to see them all.

1. One-Handed Xbox 360 Controller

This custom-built one-handed Xbox 360 controller was created by none other than the master video game hacker himself: Ben Heck. According to Ben, "before the right analog stick is actuated by setting this controller against a leg or table; an elastic strap/velcro attaches everything to your hand."

2. Xbox 360 Joystick

Built by SRK member Akira Kuramoto, this is one Xbox 360 accessory you won't find at your local Gamestop. Basically, he decided to one-up its wired Xbox 360 joystick predecessor by creating a wireless version. That's not all, it's decked out with colorful push buttons -- LEDs will soon be added to them -- and even a clear ball top joystick.

3. Halo 3 Scene

What may seem like a Halo 3 diorama at first is actually a fully-functional Xbox 360 that looks it belongs in one of Bungie's highly popular games. Aside from the soldiers, grassy area, stones, transparent case, the system even comes with matching silver controllers to boot.

4. Xbox 360 Car

Sure, playing Xbox 360 while driving isn't the best idea, but with this car, you can easily entertain guests. Simply press the power button, flip down the visors, which have integrated LCD displays, and they're ready to play. Just hope you don't get a RROD on a long road trip.

5. Xbox 360 Laptop

The one-handed controller above is most certainly creative, but we couldn't leave Ben Heck's Xbox 360 laptop off this list. His latest revision features a 17-inch widescreen Gateway monitor, built-in Ethernet port, an integrated Wi-Fi adapter, digital pushbutton volume controls, Jasper motherboard, and two USB ports.


10 Things to know about Google TV

Internet giant Google is all set to enter your living room. The Silicon Valley company is launching a service that includes Google Search and merges applications and a Web browser with television programming. Google TV will serve as an `entertainment hub' that lets viewers search channels, recorded shows and websites. Here's looking into Google TV, the innovation that has been called `the biggest improvement to television since colour'.

Google TV aims to turn the TV into a regular internet terminal, allowing people to access services like Facebook, Twitter or any internet site while they are watching programmes on a split screen.In a demonstration, Google showed a TV screen with an Internet search box. A search for a particular TV programme got both the programme playing on a traditional channel, and related episodes along with other content available online.

Google will provide the software, while Sony will make the TVs with Intel chips, and Logitech will supply a special remote control and wireless keyboard. The service will be incorporated into televisions and Blu-ray players made by Sony and set-top boxes from Logitech.

Google service will run on the company's mobile platform, Android operating system that is increasingly gaining traction in smartphone market. It also will use the Chrome browser. Based on Android platform, Google TV will turn Android phones into controls that can be used in the same room as the television or remotely across the Web.

Google did not talk about its advertising strategy for Google TV. The company isn’t currently selling ads specifically designed for the new platform, said Rishi Chandra, a product manager at Google. Users could see Google’s ads as they browse Web sites when accessing the Internet on the new TV service. “We want to get the product experience right first,” Chandra said. “Over time, there will be opportunities to really rethink how ads can actually work better on this TV experience.”

According to Google, Google TV will be using search to give users an easy and fast way to navigate to television channels, websites, apps, shows and movies. For example, if a user already knows the channel or programme he wants to watch, all he needs to do is type in the name and he will be there.

Since Google TV is built on open platforms like Android and Google Chrome, third-party developers will be able to build applications for it. In its announcement at Google I/O, the company challenged Web developers to start coming up with the Web and Android apps designed specifically for the TV experience. Soon after launch, the company will release Google TV SDK and web APIs for TV so that developers can build applications and distribute them through Android Market.

Google TV service will include video-on-demand products from Amazon.com, Netflix and Hulu, a video site partly owned by Walt Disney, Google said at the conference.

he effort is likely to face formidable challenges. One, Google will need to persuade TV manufacturers other than Sony to use its software, as well as retailers to sell the devices. Also, in the past too several companies have already tried to bridge the gap between the TV and the Web with little success. Microsoft for example, has for years sought to make technology that can blend Internet and TV content. Apple too has offered its Apple TV device for transmitting Internet content to TV. Google executives said that previous efforts failed because they dumbed down the Web for television, were closed to participation by others, and made people choose between using the Web or television.

Google and its partners said the service would be free and prices for Sony's TV and Logitech's box would be announced at a later date.
While Google TV will be launched around Christmas in the US, international launch is expected in 2011.


The Real Problem with 3DTV: There’s Nothing to Watch… Yet

Panasonic and Samsung have launched the first models in an onslaught of 3DTV. But the big problem isn't their quality, silly glasses or price—it's that, even if you wanted to attain 3D media, you can't.

Remember when HDTV came out and there was barely anything to watch in HD? Or maybe you bought a Laserdisc player and, with few places to rent from, were stuck watching the same three movies over and over.

In its infancy, 3DTV is far, far worse. The reviews you are reading regarding 3DTVs—including our own—are based largely upon a single demo reel of 3D content. No, not even a whole movie. Just clips.

You see, those 3D DVDs and Blu-rays on the market now? They aren't designed for the new crop of 3DTVs that use active shutter glasses. And watching any of these older films on any TV, new or old, will have the same crummy 3D effect. The new better 3D format comes only when the new Blu-ray releases, broadcast TV and gaming consoles get here. And for that there's a bit of a wait.


Avatar! There we go! If there's one "killer app" for 3DTV, it's got to be Cameron's multi-billion-dollar 3D blockbuster. But the first release wasn't in 3D. Its second release, due in November, won't be 3D, either!

So when will Avatar arrive to 3D Blu-ray? 2011.

Here's what is coming:
Monsters Vs Aliens—out now, but only with Samsung 3D glasses packages
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs—June
• Additional unannounced disc titles that will probably get 3D Blu-ray treatment this year: Alice In Wonderland, How To Train Your Dragon, Clash of the Titans


OK, so broadcast! Good old broadcast! How's that shaping up? 3D broadcast, for both cable and satellite, appears to be well on its way (keep in mind, of course, we expect most of these stations to cost extra a la HD channels). But still, even these options aren't ready yet:

• Comcast's Dedicated 3D Channel—live in April for The Masters, now it's dead air
• DirectTV Dedicated 3D Channel—June 2010
• Verizon FiOS 3DTV (package of unannounced channels)—Holiday 2010
(content by CBS, Fox Sports/FSN, HDNet, MTV, NBC, TBS)
• ESPN (ESPN3D)—June 11
• Discovery 3D—TBA 2011


OK, so games! How are those doing? Know if you want your 3D fix, you can use a computer. Combining 3D-ready LCDs, like those by Dell, with NVIDIA shutter glasses, the experience can be pretty decent. And if you have a home-theater PC with NVIDIA's new 3DTV Play, you can connect to a real 3DTV via HDMI. But buying a PC for the living room isn't the same as making use of the gaming hardware already in there—most of us are thinking about consoles.

The Wii—let's face it, has no extra horsepower to drive 3D, and its SD connections aren't capable of driving 3DHD content. Instead, Nintendo seems focused on their next generation DS for 3D gaming.

Microsoft has no qualms with sharing that the 360 is "3D capable"—they've said so for a long time. But as of this moment, they have no specific (announced) plans regarding 3D. And with Natal on the horizon, a sudden push for shutter glasses 3D seems unlikely.

Sony's PS3, on the other hand, is positioning itself as a 3D console/Blu-ray player to complement new Bravia TVs. But once again, these promises come with a wait. Here are the facts thus far:

• Sony will be releasing a 3D PS3 firmware update this summer
• With that update, you'll be able to play Wipeout HD, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, and PAIN
Avatar: The Game is a special case, actually playable in 3D now
• The 3D-savvy Gran Turismo 5 is out November 1
• Any future titles in development that have not pre-planned for 3D (that later choose to be in 3D) will take a sizable performance hit

Even if you can buy a 3DTV now—even if you really want a 3DTV now—you won't be able to watch much of anything on it until June. And even then, the choices will be slim. So make no mistake, when you walk into Best Buy or wherever and see the promises of watching 3D in your living room, those are just promises. And given that baseline 3DTVs cost nearly 3x their 2D counterparts ($2500 barrier to entry vs $800-$900), these promises are costing you a lot.

With reporting by Don Nguyen


Iron Man 2 iPhone Game Seems A Bit Overpriced

The graphics are lovely, the controls are pretty decent, and the game's rather fun. But the Iron Man 2 iPhone app still seems a bit overpriced at seven bucks. Either way, it's available now and looks like this:

Ah well. The game's a bit of a letdown, but I just know that the actual movie can't possibly disappoint—though that may be my Robert Downey Jr. crush talking.


Anti-gravity platform

Anti-gravity platform

Yes an anti-gravity platform Duck Dodgers was standing on it alongside Marvin Martian. So imagine our surprise when we clapped eyes on a real one. Yes, sci-fi fans, the gobsmackingly impressive Anti-Gravity Platform is here and it's set to blow your mind, twist your melon and bamboozle your noodle with its incredible floaty-woaty trickery.

Do not adjust your eyes because thanks to several powerful magnets this amazing mains-powered device is capable of mimicking the effect of anti-gravity, levitating and slowly rotating a globe above its mirrored, LED-laden base. Wow! It takes a little practice to balance the globe but once you get the hang of it you’ll be making a right Dr Evil of yourself. It's the perfect desktop companion for megalomaniacs bent on world domination (they said as they raised a little finger to their lips).

Use the Anti-Gravity Platform to showcase your nik-naks

If floating globes aren’t your thing, you can use the Anti-Gravity Platform to showcase your nick nacks (no sniggering). Simply flip open the globe, remove the magnetic platform within and gasp in amazement as whatever item you fancy (up to 85g) floats and rotates in mid-air aboard said platform: toy cars, Stephen Hawking action figures, engagement rings, pictures of William Shatner, apples (Sir Isaac who?), Blue Peter badges…the possibilities are endless.

If you are still scratching your head in disbelief, join the club. This really is one of the most impressive gizmos we've ever seen. Any guest who fails to slap their forehead in awe can only be a time-travelling lizard person who's seen it all before. Or a boring misery guts who still wouldn't be impressed if Mick Jagger emerged from the globe, dropped his trousers and performed Insania via the medium of wind alongside Hitler in drag and a naked David Van Day. And let's face it, that would be pretty impressive.

We digress. The point is the Anti-Gravity Platform is the ideal way to show off your favourite bits and bobs whilst marvelling at the wonders of modern science. Float on!


Transcend – Goggles


Zeal Optics have jumped "on board" to develop a set of ski goggles. They claim to be the first GPS enabled, and sensor laden ski goggles, which enable the goggles to compute speed, altitude, temperature and time details. The toggle switch on the side allows this data to be viewed in real time, though it may be preferrable to watch the huge slopes of snow which you are quickly approaching. Otherwise, it would almost be like trying to read a text message whilst driving on a spiralling road.

The goggles will retail at $350 and will be released in October. If you take your skiing seriously, or your snowboarding, then these will undoubtedly offer you everything you could possibly wish to know as you grace the snow.


FIFA World Cup 2010

FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa

The most awaited event for 2010, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is just round the corner.

Reverse counting has already begun for the participating nations and they are getting ready to plunge into the battlefield of 2010 FIFA World Cup. FIFA World Cup 2010, to be held from June 11 to July 11, will be hosted by South Africa, the first ever African country to host FIFA.

This 19th leg of FIFA World Cup will feature 32 teams, who will ultimately be sweating out their blood and competing for the prize of the best team in the world. There will be a total of 8 groups consisting of 4 teams each and a total of 64 matched will be played in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Qualifying teams

Since, South Africa is hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup; it has automatically gained entry in the game and will be playing in Group A. Apart from the host nation 5 other nations i.e. Holland, Australia, North Korea, South Korea and Japan have also marked their presence for this 2010 tournament. The list of remaining 26 nations will be confirmed by November 2009.

Venues and Stadiums

To meet up to the needs of 2010 FIFA World Cup, five new stadiums are being built in South Africa.
With the addition of these 5 new stadiums, the host country will be using a total of 10 stadiums for the 2010 World Cup. Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg will be the venue for the opening ceremony and for the final match. The semi finals will played in Cape Town and Durban, and the third place play off match will be played in Port Elizabeth.

Names of stadiums and the city in which they are located are as follows:

Soccer City Stadium - Johannesburg
Ellis Park Stadium - Johannesburg
Moses Mabhida Stadium - Durban
Free State Stadium - Bloemfontein
Green Point Stadium - Cape Town
Mbombela Stadium - Nelspruit
Peter Mokaba Stadium - Polokwane
Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium - Port Elizabeth
Lotus Versfeld Stadium - Pretoria
Royal Bafokeng Stadium - Rustenberg

Official Mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Each and every world cup hosting country as its own official mascot, represented in a cartoon format. Following the same legacy South Africa, the host for 2010 FIFA World cup, has announced "Zakumi" as its mascot. Zakumi is a yellow colored leopard with green hair, depicting the colors of South African team. The word "Zakumi" arrives from ZA + Kumi, wherein "ZA" stands for the international abbreviation used for South Africa and "Kumi" means 'TEN' is African language.


Dog cycle

In china such a amazing person make the amazing DOG cycle




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