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Presidents in their young age


Barack Obama, 3 Years Old, With Grandfather, 1965

Abraham Lincoln, Age Unknown

Bill Clinton, 5 Years Old, 1952

Dwight D. Eisenhower (Center) With Friends, 17 Years Old, 1907

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 3 Years Old, 1885

George H.W. Bush, 5 Years Old, With Sister Mercy, 1929

Gerald Ford, 6 Years Old, With His Half-Brother, Tom, 1920

Harry S. Truman, 6 Months Old, 1884

Jimmy Carter, 12 Years Old, With Dog Bozo, 1937

John F. Kennedy, 10 Years Old, 1927

Lyndon Johnson, 6 Months Old, 1909

Richard Millhouse Nixon, 4 Years Old, 1917

Ronald Reagan, 12 Years Old, 1923

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World’s Tallest

Here is somthing different which is unbelivable for us . . .

" STRANGE BUT TRUE . . . ! ! ! "

World's Tallest´╗┐ TREES

World's Tallest THERMOMETER

World's Tallest HIGH HEELS

World's Tallest LEGO TOWER

World's Tallest SNOWMAN

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Chess puzzle


Here, Black has finished its turn, now White has to move and mate in 2 moves & Black one will be lost here. so, what you think can you then do it...? Go fast to solve it, it's challenge to you...!!!

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